[Review] Tokyo Ghoul Episode 9

Holy shit this episode. Nothing much happens BUT A LOT HAPPENS AND THEY’RE VERY EASY TO MISS

A lot of new characters and I just want to cry at the sight of some of them, especially this guy


Yes, him. Actually, all of them.


1. This article comes from the perspective of someone who has read the manga.

2. I wouldn’t be critiquing the plot as much as I am going to comment on its progression.

3. Blue text usually indicates a topic change within a section.

4. Gray text, sometimes labeled as run-on note, are basically that–a no-punctuation ramble about whatever.

5. A spoiler among non-spoiler shit is like this for a reason. Don’t try too hard to read it if you don’t want to be spoiled.

6. If it wasn’t obvious from before, the manga scans I put up are butchered to fit what I’m trying to say. Everything is credited at the beginning though.


Nothing much here, I think.

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