[Review] Tokyo Ghoul Episode 8

This has been sitting in the drafts since the episode came out, but I’ve never gotten around to finishing it because school came and gave me a diarrhea of schoolwork I had to unload and clean up.

In any case, since the episodes came out, I probably won’t be making much predictions (and I won’t even go to TG:re and Root A). It should be noted that as I’m writing the review for each episode I have not watched the episodes that came after save for the first episode of Root A because yeah I’ve read the manga and I just want to know if the deviation looked good… yeeeah, we’ll get to that after I finish season 1’s episodes 8 – 12.


1. This article comes from the perspective of someone who has read the manga.

2. I wouldn’t be critiquing the plot as much as I am going to comment on its progression.

3. Blue text usually indicates a topic change within a section.

4. Gray text, sometimes labeled as run-on note, are basically that–a no-punctuation ramble about whatever.

5. A spoiler among non-spoiler shit is like this for a reason. Don’t try too hard to read it if you don’t want to be spoiled.

6. If it wasn’t obvious from before, the manga scans I put up are butchered to fit what I’m trying to say. Everything is credited at the beginning.


No spoiler warnings this time because it’s been a while since everything was released.

Gore and violence abound, especially since I’m using the bluray releases so yaaay no more censorship! But stay safe.

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