[Review] Tokyo Ghoul Episode 10

This episode serves as a prologue for the Aogiri Arc



1. This article comes from the perspective of someone who has read the manga.

2. I wouldn’t be critiquing the plot as much as I am going to comment on its progression.

3. Blue text usually indicates a topic change within a section.

4. Gray text, sometimes labeled as run-on note, are basically that–a no-punctuation ramble about whatever.

5. A spoiler among non-spoiler shit is like this for a reason. Don’t try too hard to read it if you don’t want to be spoiled.

6. If it wasn’t obvious from before, the manga scans I put up are butchered to fit what I’m trying to say. Everything is credited at the beginning though.


Violence. Violence everywhere.


Release Watched: DameDesuYo
Screencaps taken from: DameDesuYo Release
Manga Scans: Twisted Hel Scans



Episode 10 – 青桐 (Aogiri)

First of all, holy shit. Yamori can drop dead right now. And I don’t know whether to love Nico or want him dead too because fucking clown. Okay nope, I definitely want him dead.

The episode jumps right into Aogiri (as the title would suggest).



Here we have two of Aogiri’s top guys—Eto and Tatara. Tatara was described by Nico in one of the omakes


Eto is Kaneki’s favorite author, the One-Eyed-Owl, and Yoshimura’s daughter. As you can get from the amount of spoilers, she’s pretty important. In the manga, I actually did not know Eto was a “she” until she showed herself without the bandages in the second to the last chapter, and I just went where the hell did she hide all that hair.

Aside from their contact with CCG, we see how Yomo and Yoshimura investigates Ayato’s victims from the previous episode and trace them back to the Aogiri


And while Yomo and Yoshimura are out there, Banjou storms Anteiku like a gangster trying to look tough

Banjou storms anteiku

but he buys coffee anyway because he’s polite like that

polite banjou

And remember how I mentioned that he’s a Rize-freak? Well, he smelled Rize on Kaneki (for obvious reasons, and I actually don’t know why Tsukiyama did not or maybe I just forgot that he did) and lost his shit


He actually says “kanojo” which could translate to “girlfriend” but the subbers were probably going for the translation “We’re not going out” from Kaneki so we have this

before Kaneki accidentally knocked him out


To be honest, I’m not sure what to make of Kaneki’s lack of fighting ability this far into the story. The manga gave him ample opportunity to learn, and to show that he’s improving. Here’s how this scene went in the manga

result of training

I worry about this because Kaneki’s going to become really badass really soon, and while it’s normal occurrence in anime for characters to just suddenly become really, really good at fighting, they didn’t have to do that here since the source material itself gave him time to grow into his skills. So far in the anime, we’ve seen him train a grand total of 1 time, when Yomo told him how his asset is his agility. His fight with Amon… eeh. Remember how he was beaten up for the most part of that fight? And when he did fight, remember how short-lived that was? Absolutely none of his fighting skills were showcased. He didn’t even dodge Amon. This scene could’ve remedied the lack of progress in that area and shown that hey I am training okay so that when the time comes when he has to fight (which is really fucking soon), it wouldn’t seem like I had character development and my fighting skills magically developed with it.

As it is though, only manga readers would probably notice this detail. And while I appreciate the humor, I would’ve wanted them to show that Kaneki didn’t just become strong while being chained and tortured overnight. Although, I guess what this does is show just how much of a weakling Banjou is lol.

I’ll say this now: I love Banjou okay. He’s one of the sane ones and he really cares for his subordinates. And even though he’s weak, he honestly gives his all to protect the people he’s close to and the people who look up to him. He’s weak, but that’s what makes his bravery all the more noteworthy.

srsly, how can you hate this guy

srsly, how can you hate this guy

In any case, when he asks, Kaneki lies to him not really about how Rize was no longer in the 20th Ward. Afterward, Banjou explains how he was sent to the 20th Ward to look for Rize. In the manga, he asked to come because he was an acquaintance of Rize and had a chance of convincing her to come with him without any fuss. In reality, while Banjou really did know Rize (and is, for the third time, infatuated with her), he actually wanted to warn her that Aogiri was looking for her (despite knowing how he would probably be killed for doing so). Just as Banjou is telling them about how the Aogiri came and invaded the 11th Ward, this show off guy arrives

show off

and wow what timing because as Touka is confronting her little bro—and apparently Touka did tell Kaneki about her family because—

tbh I reaally find it peculiar that Touka is letting Kaneki call her "-chan"

tbh I reaally find it peculiar that Touka is letting Kaneki call her “-chan”

these fuckers arrive


Yamori takes interest in Kaneki because he smells like Rize (seriously, everyone sniffs Kaneki when they first meet him). Yamori’s wording here, “He really does smell like her,” make it seem like he already knew what happened to Rize (he probably does). Touka tries to defend Kaneki

in which ayato saves Touka

and Ayato saves her from certain death by fighting her himself instead of letting her fight Yamori intercepts her attack. We see their differences in opinion, with Ayato seemingly condemning their parents for their death while Touka sees things differently.

Having spared Touka from Yamori’s rage, we get a sneak peek at what’s going to be censored happen in the next episodes

fucking shit

fucking shit

Seriously. By the end of his rather violent episode, Kaneki was literally drenched in his own blood.

I'm pretty sure that's not how cloth plus blood works

although I’m pretty sure that’s not how blood-on-cloth works

I mean, fucking shit Kaneki only wanted a date good lord he doesn’t deserve this shit. It’s only going to get worse, but that doesn’t make this any better. I mean, even Ayato is disgusted.

ayato man

The only thing that stops Yamori from actually killing Kaneki (and Banjou for stepping in) is Nico who let Yamori stab him in order to calm him down. Seriously, if you weren’t a part of the clowns, I’d love you but you are so no. They take Kaneki away, along with Banjou and his subordinates. By the time Yomo and Yoshimura arrive, they’re long gone. They’re barely fazed at the sight of all the blood splattered everywhere I mean I feel like Kaneki should’ve bled to death but they don’t seem worried so okay. Touka somehow found her way towards the door to the back room (or maybe Ayato put her there, we’ll never know) and Yoshimura decides to rally his men.

While Kaneki was getting the shit beaten out of him, Marude was also rallying his troops for the upcoming raid on the 11th Ward


He looks like an idiot, but he really is competent, I swear.

when Suzuya interrupts him. Now, let me just mention that this is a good way to show how quirky and weird Suzuya is.

juuzou bby

I really, really like Suzuya’s voice

The only problem is it doesn’t quite show how Suzuya doesn’t see life the way normal humans do. In case you were wondering, this is what the anime spared you from


What I do like about the deviation is how we’re not left to question how anyone can get away with that, investigator or not. In any case, while Shinohara and Amon discuss the upcoming mission along with Suzuya’s credentials (he was apparently admitted by Washu, the director of CCG, after Arima fucking Kishou so no, of course no one’s gonna question that)



they talk about Yamori who, if you would recall, Mado and Amon encountered while looking for Hinami’s father. Upon memory of Mado, Amon remembers Kaneki who reminded him of his backstory someone from his past


This is Donato Porpora, Amon’s foster father and, as you could probably infer, a ghoul. Remember how I said that Amon already had his doubts about ghouls not being mere monsters (but that it wasn’t that strong to actually make him think anything of it until he met Kaneki)? It’s because of this guy.

Spoilery bit. Read after the next red bit if you don’t wanna be spoiled.

The reason the idea wasn’t strong enough to make him think on it is because, as we can sort of see in this scene, Amon catches him in the act of eating the children in the orphanage. In Amon’s eyes, Donato was raising him to eat him. Although, we don’t really know much about Donato to say if Amon’s wrong in thinking so.

End of spoilery bit.

Shinohara then tells Amon that Mado mentioned in his will that Amon can have one of his Quinques if he were to die, and so Amon receives his second second-hand slab of concrete Quinque.

Meanwhile we hear something from Suzuya

talking to rei


which I hope we’ll get to in future episodes.

And as Marude mentioned, he’d handle the media and we have


LOOK AT ALL THAT RESEARCH—apparently, literature on ghouls DO exist


We then go back to Yoshimura rallying his own men,

well, that's... not very motivating

well, that’s… not very motivating

And we have these bbys

There's too much anger there for "owing him" to be your only motivation, Nishi

There’s too much anger there for “owing him” to be your only motivation, Nishi

"If you're not going..."

“If you’re not going…”


And thank god because


And the relief on Touka’s face, idek


And as added help (and also for the finale of the episode) we have

I don't know how Mamo-chan can deliver his lines without laughing is2g

I don’t know how Mamo-chan can deliver his lines without laughing is2g


And, Uta’s supposed to be there too, along with Roma if I’m not mistaken but who cares about them they can rot in hell.

All in all, I think this episode is a pretty good start to the arc. Everything seems to be in order if we’re basing it on anime-only events. The only thing that doesn’t make sense to me is how Yamori seemed to stop looking for Rize after the first episode, and how everyone conveniently began looking for Rize now. I mean, they found Anteiku fairly easily, so I wonder what took them so long. What I’m thinking though is in the timeline, Aogiri has yet to invade the 11th Ward when the 1st episode happened, and therefore had no access to the information Banjou had on Rize going to the 20th Ward.


Man, idk if it’s just because it’s been a while since I’ve read the manga, but I really liked this episode despite the minor deviations. To be honest, I AM FLIPPING MY SHIT just at the thought of the Aogiri Arc so I’m sorry if I can’t be completely unbiased right now. So far, the anime is being consistent in its deviations and while they are downplaying some of the events, with that preview of how fucking crazy Yamori is, I have hope that they will not be holding back on what’s going to happen in the 11th Ward.


Two more days before school starts! I hope I can reach Root A before then! Thank you for reading!


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