[Review] Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7

That… was actually a pretty good episode. I’m more worried about how much longer the anime will go on for, though.



1. This article comes from the perspective of someone who has read the manga.

2. I wouldn’t be critiquing the plot as much as I am going to comment on its progression.

3. Blue text usually indicates a topic change within a section.

4. Gray text, sometimes labeled as run-on note, are basically that–a no-punctuation ramble about whatever.

5. A spoiler among non-spoiler shit is like this for a reason. Don’t try too hard to read it if you don’t want to be spoiled.

6. If it wasn’t obvious from before, the manga scans I put up are butchered to fit what I’m trying to say. Everything is credited at the beginning though.


This time around, I’ll be discussing manga deviations as they go, since the changes are mostly on how the events occurred. Spoilers will be dealt with according to note #5.

No major spoiler warnings this time because I already did the spoilers for this in previous reviews. At most, you’ll have to deal with note #5 for spoilers.

Mentions and images depicting gore and violence to follow, so stay safe.



Release Watched: DameDesuYo
Screencaps taken from: DameDesuYo Release
Manga Scans: Twisted Hel Scans


The first part of the episode slightly put me off. Just slightly, though.


I mean, I wouldn’t have minded the cut because, as I’ve ranted on every opportunity, I do not appreciate the censors. But if the cut was made the way it was because what Ryoko was about to say cut too close to the gore, then maybe they should’ve gone for the censor this time.

If anyone’s curious, this is how it happens in the manga

ryoko's death

idk, maybe I’m overreacting? But it’s only because I distinctly remember the scene later on that ties up to this which is


and you know, I’m a sucker for feels. Maybe I’m masochistic huhu Also, I feel like this scene adds to Kaneki’s character. Kaneki’s not naive, but he has a pretty positive disposition. This enables him to offer comfort without it seeming like he’s only “saying things to make you feel better,” which he is, but he doesn’t lie to achieve that end.

The cut doesn’t really lessen the sadness of what happened as we do see Ryoko about to say something, and it doesn’t make Mado’s character any less cruel because he is that in both versions–in the manga, for cutting Ryoko off, and in the anime for not giving her the chance to say anything at all. The only loss is if they include the conversation up there, there wouldn’t be any actual basis for Kaneki telling Hinami that. It would only be purely conjecture. Again, this is me thinking about things too hard.

Backing up a bit, Hinami runs into Kaneki and Kaneki rushes to the scene

this made sense in the manga because Kaneki didn't know how to fight then




In the manga, this sequence of events happen before the gourmet arc. Back then, as I explained in previous reviews, Kaneki has yet to learn how to fight. Kaneki’s conflict with himself here is then given in a different context. He says the same line out of helplessness in both versions, but the difference in the anime is he could have done something because Yomo has been training him for a while now. Given that charging to save Ryoko then would’ve resulted in a worse situation than the one they currently have since he isn’t at a level that would enable him to fight two doves and win, and fighting right then would’ve blown his human identity since he didn’t have a mask yet. But in a situation like that, where someone he knew personally, someone he talked to and knew to be a good person, is about to get killed, it’s natural to think that he should’ve saved Ryoko at that time at whatever cost.

like a normal human being, kaneki thinks about life in the shower

like a normal human being, Kaneki thinks about life in the shower

Thus his guilt.

Yoshimura comforts him, of course, while completely rejecting Touka’s suggestion to just kill all the doves because it wouldn’t do anyone any good. He implicitly calls Touka “a person who is so blinded by revenge that they can no longer live properly” which of course angers Touka further.

Two things about this sequence seemed off to me, and one caught my attention. The very minor one is the beat of Touka’s feet as she ran away from the meeting. I mean, I almost snorted because it sounded too fast to be normal haha. But anyway. The other one is Touka’s arrival

Touka arriving

Touka taking a break extends from the previous episodes, right? And Yoshimura said that she lived “upstairs” so I’m assuming she lives in the same building as the shop. So where did she come from here?

In the manga, Touka is taking a break because of exams, and she just came back from what was probably the last of them for that term when she returned to Anteiku

Touka's arrival manga ver

It isn’t really that much of an issue. In hindsight, she might’ve gone out for some reason we don’t really need to know. But for a moment there, I was really confused.

One thing I did not expect is this mask



I was in denial for a while, but then fast forward a bit and



I did not expect it to be as cute as it is *A* Like, in the manga

the masks in the manga look more menacing

the masks in the manga look more menacing

Random: Did Uta make that too because whyy

The… I suck at anatomy or whatever the field requiring the knowledge of which-body-part-is-called-what is, but I’ll call it palate—the palate is so puffy *A*

Well, moving on, there is this part.

they won't show us gore but they show us Kaneki's butt

They won’t show us gore but they show us Kaneki’s butt

Well, at least they have their priorities straight 😛 Violence is more censor-worthy than nakedness, world! This isn’t really the shot I needed, but I’m putting it up there anyway just because. The actual important shot (not that Kaneki’s ass isn’t important) is this one


By “important” I meant the subs, but the anatomy in this one is also worth looking at

In any case, on the CCG side, they finally realize that Yamori isn’t staying at the 20th Ward and is actually



Mado declares him outside of their jurisdiction (because Marude’s in charge of the 11th Ward), so the only ones they’re actually tasked to hunt are just the Gourmet and the Binge-Eater who are, unfortunately for them, both MIA at the moment so… good luck with that, gents. On the bright side, if you could call it that, another actually-there target presents itself just after their meeting!

spoilers: two of the people in this picture dies hint to who the other one is is in the OP song

Spoilers: two of the people in this picture dies. Hint to who the other one is is in the OP song

Amon and the two other investigators who aren’t Mado go out to eat, with Mado declaring that he had no life outside work when he was (sort of) invited. In the stall, Kusaba asks Amon about the academy—a discussion that quickly dies when Amon tells them about the women in his class

both were killed

iirc, one of them used to own Amon’s current Quinque. Amon actually keeps getting secondhand Quique Weapons haha.

Kusaba quickly apologizes, and Amon tells him that it wasn’t an unusual thing and he leaves. Everything was well and somber, and we have Kusaba talking about his admiration for Amon and how he wanted a desk job, but after seeing Amon’s character, he began wanting to do more and then



As always, the manga version is… gorier, if you will

WELL FUCK manga version

But wow, I actually really, really, really like how they made this scene, especially Touka’s initial slice and the splatter of blood. The obvious lack of mutilated mess on the last screencap aside, it was a clean way to avoid having to censor the scene.

Then out of nowhere, Amon arrives to save Nakajima before Touka could kill him. Amon mentions something

aaaand we have the types of Kagune

New target: acquired!

a type of Kagune. There’s a total of 4 types that work like rock-paper-scissors against each other, except there’re four of them. I’ll let the anime explain how they work, which they most probably will soon.

Touka easily overpowers the Quinque-less Amon, and Amon almost gives in

if amon was the MC

Amon has all the makings of an MC, does he not? Well, if Tokyo Ghoul was told through the perspective of the CCG, Amon might’ve just been our MC.

Before Touka manages to do further damage in Amon’s person



Anyway, Mado’s totally chill as he attacks Touka. He even gives Amon a bit of a lecture about how the Ukaku types work—basically good agility, bad stamina. On cue,

he injures Touka

he injures Touka

after which, Touka flees

aiyaaaa touka you just emdangered everyone

aiyaaaa Touka you just endangered everyone

In Anteiku (probably the following day), Kaneki hears noises and finds Touka and a jar of coffee beans on the floor. He worriedly points out Touka’s injured shoulder and decides to help dress the wound when Yoshimura stops him, saying that Touka made the decision herself and therefore had to bear the responsibility of it by herself. Touka walks out

she bumps into kaneki but not into yoshimura HAHA

she bumps into kaneki but not into yoshimura HAHA

Kaneki moves to follow Touka, but Yoshimura stops him again. Kaneki stops beside Yoshimura and acknowledges how Yoshimura has experiences to back decision he is making right now, but says that he [Kaneki] himself knows nothing about the ways of ghouls

"...before I can decide what's right."

“I want to see things for myself before deciding what’s right in my own terms.”

This is one of the reasons why I love Kaneki’s character so much—because he’s optimistic without being naive. He can trust people, but isn’t completely gullible. Furthermore, he respects other people’s judgments, but is still able to assess situations on his own accord.

Kaneki leaves and Yoshimura hums his approval. Kaneki goes to Touka who rejects his help, calling him a human, to which Kaneki says that he’s half ghoul. Touka then says that she doesn’t mind if “murderers like her” die, but when innocent ghouls get killed for no reason, she can’t stand it.



Kaneki then admits to her that he doesn’t agree with her methods



"It doesn't matter whether they're human or ghoul..."

“It doesn’t matter whether they’re human or ghoul…”

this is probably the first time in a loooong time someone's told this to Touka

this is probably the first time in a loooong time someone’s told this to Touka

and he expresses his desire to help Touka.

The notable difference between the anime and the manga is Yoshimura’s treatment of Touka, and Touka’s view on the situation. In the manga, Kaneki makes a mistake in serving one of the customers and Touka tries to retrieve the correct coffee beans to serve that customer when her injury prevents her from securing it. When Kaneki tries to help her, she runs out of the room just as Yoshimura enters and he asks Kaneki if Touka had been in an encounter with the doves. This is when Yoshimura advises him against helping Touka.

In the manga, it seemed to me that Touka herself expected no help from Anteiku. One thing that was made clear about  manga!Touka is that she would move even without Anteiku backing her up if she needed to for the sake of what she believed was right, and she wouldn’t hold it against Anteiku too much. We see proof of this again in the Aogiri Arc where she declares that she would go to the 11th Ward alone if she had to to rescue Kaneki. 

Note: By “too much,” I’m referring to the fact that while she understood Yoshimura wouldn’t do anything to avenge Hinami and Ryoko, and she knew that Anteiku wouldn’t make any moves to help, she was still bitter about it, unlike Kaneki who also understood the difference in opinion but didn’t hold it against either of them.

Yoshimura and Yomo made their stands clear. And so, she acts on her own, and she accepts how she wouldn’t receive help from them either. Since Kaneki seemed to agree with the no-retaliation thing Yoshimura and Yomo had going, she rejects his help too. When Kaneki makes his “I’m half ghoul” comment, Touka calls him on it


After Kaneki makes his speech, Touka asks him what he wanted to do, Kaneki asks her to teach him how to fight (and this is where Kaneki’s training begins).

In the anime, the way Yoshimura tells Kaneki to not help Touka in front of Touka, and Touka walking out shortly after ends up seeming like Touka was angry because of what Yoshimura said instead of understanding the repercussions of her actions herself. It slightly affects how Touka’s character comes across. Don’t get me wrong, it is understandable for her to get angry and walk out even though she understands. I just feel like it might’ve come across as something akin to a tantrum instead of frustration.

Another notable difference is Touka’s lack of scorn for Kaneki. Aside from not showing that side of Touka’s views, the lack of scorn does make sense in the context of the anime because of the rearranged sequence of events. In the manga, this sequence of events occur earlier, and therefore  both of them have been through considerably less shit together. In the anime, however, they’ve already fought Tsukiyama by this point. There, Kaneki went (with Nishio, of all people) to confront the obviously more powerful Tsukiyama to save Kimi. Because of this, by the time they had this conversation, Touka was already aware that while Kaneki wasn’t strong yet, he wasn’t a coward either. She also knows how Kaneki thinks (recall their conversation in the previous episode), so her being as cold and harsh as she was in the manga wouldn’t come across as well as it did in the manga. That being said, I feel like Touka’s harshness towards Kaneki is a largely important facet of their relationship, because it shows her honesty with him. She doesn’t tiptoe around issues with him, and she’s not afraid of hurting him (not because she doesn’t care, but because she trusts Kaneki to understand and she knows Kaneki will forgive her). In return, Kaneki is also honest with her, and he understands that there is reason behind her severity and doesn’t hold it against her. As a result, the times when she reciprocates the concern that comes natural to Kaneki has a strong impact to the feels.

Again, I don’t ship them. They’re like my brotp.

I’m not saying that the way they handled it in the anime is bad. It’s just that if I were given a choice between the two, I’d say that the manga version made for better characterization.

Anyway, going back yet again, after the scene with Touka and Kaneki, we see the CCG conducting a memorial for Kusaba. Amon bumps into a haggard-looking Nakajima and they eat at the usual joint where the owner/cook asks about Kusaba gdi read the goddamn atmosphere. Nakajima tells Amon about how he and Kusaba would usually go to that joint and Kusaba would always comment on how he always orders the same thing and would always leave the bill to him. He cries, asking rhetorically who he would eat with now and this happens

I think I died a little because I jumped from sad to I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING AMON WHYY

I think I died a little because I jumped from sad to I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING in less than a second

Amon tells Nakajima that Kusaba mas murdered for no reason. He then (sort of) offers to eat with Nakajima (for free, just like Kusaba) and Nakajima (sort of) agrees.

Somewhere, Touka leads Kaneki to the sewers a river or something. When Kaneki asks where they were going, Touka simply reminds him that he offered his help

this should do

The “help” Touka was referring to was probably Kaneki calling CCG to report a ghoul sighting wherever they went. Mado catches on the “challenge” rabbit sent him, essentially saying that he’ll take her on. I think it’s safe to assume that the scene where Touka and Kaneki came to CCG to personally deliver the false info is lost forever because the phone call served the purpose it had, event-wise. Detail-wise, however, I don’t know how else they can show how Kaneki (and I think half-ghouls in general) can’t be detected by the metal-detector thing that works for ghouls. I think this detail is important because it emphasizes what while half-ghouls are ghouls, they’re still different. Anyway, we’ll see.

After Touka and Kaneki’s recon  of the area, Kaneki returns to Uta for his mask

Kaneki returns to Uta

and at the same time, we see Amon training

Why is Amon steaming? Does this actually happen in RL?

Why is Amon steaming? Does this actually happen in RL?

Amon has a monologue, and then we have this wonderful shot at the end


Something I want to talk about because it’s a pretty big aspect of why this episode was great (and why Tokyo Ghoul is all around brilliant) is how there is equal exposure between the humans (CCG) and the ghouls (Anteiku). In this episode, we not only see this; we also see further parallelisms between the two through the situation. Although we as the audience might tend to side with the ghouls because a.) Kaneki is our awesome MC, and b.) out of the two, they are the misunderstood, neither are painted to be solely bad guys. Even crazy-ass Mado isn’t completely bad.

We see similarities that could make one question why the hell are they not just talking shit out until one remembers the whole ordeal about the being-unable-to-live-without-eating-humans thing the ghouls have going for them. In the beginning of the episode, Ryoko dies for no other reason other than because she is a ghoul, and somewhere within the episode, Kusaba is killed for no other reason other than because he is a ghoul investigator. Both deaths were described as needless

gets killed for no reason

“When ghouls like Ryoko…”

no good reason

and, although it isn’t explained yet, both murders were committed out of revenge. Mado hates ghouls because ghouls killed his wife. Touka wanted to kill all doves (and did kill Kusaba) because of what happened to Ryoko. Mado fights to protect the humans’ place in the world. Touka fights to protect her place in the world. Further on, Kaneki kills Yamori to “avenge” himself and he kills basically anyone who stands in his way to protect his place in the world.

We see facets present in both humans and ghouls. Both are driven by similar feelings and similar goals. Because of these similarities, instead of the contrasts usually seen between opposing sectors, we see comparisons. The thing is, they’re not all that different. The fact that the conflict stems something neither can change (their nature) is both frustrating and interesting to watch unfold. Both sides have their fair share of bad people, and also good people. Mix in the bunch who want to coexist, then mix in the shitty ones who want to destroy the world, and we have this awesome clash of characters.


One thing I’m worried about for the next episode is Nishio’s role. I mentioned before that in the manga, this sequence of events happened before the Gourmet Arc. Therefore, they haven’t gotten Nishio on their side yet. But in the anime, they have Nishio already. Idk, it might not make any sense for him to be so unaffected by the situation, especially after his change. Although it might not come to the attention of a lot of people even if didn’t get involved, well, he’s pretty much involved with Touka and Kaneki. It would make sense that he’d want to help them, especially since in the Aogiri Arc he pretty much offers to accompany Touka to the 11th Ward if Anteiku decides to just lay low like they did when Ryoko died.


Oh! I almost forgot about the omake!


That moment when the omake follows (sort of) the manga version of what happened.


Also, the portrayal of Uta’s character is slightly different. Uta is good natured (sort of) but he doesn’t smile nearly as much. Idk, I like the portrayal of Uta’s character because, much like Yomo and Tsukiyama, he’s a dork but he’s so cool about it 😛


All in all, the flow and pace of the episode was good. I got an image of the last shots in my head before it happened (because how else were they going to end it?) and when it happened, I think I popped a vein somewhere. Kaneki’s mask looks better than I thought it would. I can’t imagine how hot it must be under there though.

So far, both the manga and the anime make sense in their own right with how they dealt with the situation. I’m actually surprised the anime creators were able to retain as much of the original storyline as they did in a way that still made sense given the changes they’ve done to it. If you ask me, of course my bias for the manga will forever be there, but the anime could’ve been worse.

Right now, I’m worried about how they’re going to do the Aogiri arc, now more than ever because if the internet is to be believed, we only have 4 episodes left (since I’m pretty sure the next episode will feature Amon vs Kaneki, and Mado vs Hinami +  Touka, and nothing else). I… The Aogiri arc is pretty long, okay. It spans more than 20 chapters, if I’m not mistaken. It’s critical that they don’t rush it and that they don’t leave out anything. I’ve never been picky about the minor deviations they’ve made so far because they’ve all made sense and the essence of what I liked about Tokyo Ghoul is still there. But, the Aogiri Arc is different. It’s the arc. One does not simply change anything about the arc.

I’d like to trust the creators because censors aside, they haven’t disappointed me as much as they could’ve. Right now, it’s looking like a pretty good adaptation. But final judgement will have to wait until they finish the Aogiri Arc. If they mess that up, it wouldn’t matter to me if I thought they’ve done a great job up until before that point. If they rush it, or censor too much of it, or something, it’ll be the ruin of this adaptation imo.


Wow, this turned out to be longer than I expected it to. I really like this episode, haha! But I think I didn’t quite bring it to justice with this review. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to review episode 8. I’m currently downloading it, but I need time to watch it without my mom hounding me to study so… It might take a while.

I was supposed to finish this a few days ago, but my dog just died and I kept pushing it back because I felt too sad to write 😛 In any case, I know my dog doesn’t care for it, but this is for you buddy

Good night, buddy. Rest well.

Good night, buddy. Rest well.

Thanks for reading!


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