[Review] Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 6

Wow, they’re really making up for the manga deviations they made. A lot of the shots are pretty parallel!


1. This article comes from the perspective of someone who has read the manga.

2. That being said, this is the only adaptation of Kuroshitsuji I watched aside from the first few episodes of season 1. I have no idea what the fuck happened in the latter part of that season, and the entirety of season 2.

3. A spoiler among non-spoiler shit is like this for a reason. If you don’t want to be spoiled, do not highlight that shit. And it’s readable even without the highlighting so don’t try too hard if you don’t want to be spoiled.


Spoiler warnings apply. Spoilers on the episodes themselves will not be formatted as noted above. What will be formatted as such would be comments and references to future plot events as it happened in the manga.


Release watched: HorribleSubs
Screencaps: HorribleSubs Release
Manga scans from: Bleach Asylum (chapter 13 and 28)



We see an extension of Ciel’s flashback in the pre-OP sequence, and we see the source of the scar on Ciel’s back.


The episode returns to Sebastian and William’s confrontation. Although, if you ask me, it doesn’t seem like William is exerting remarkable effort to incapacitate or stop Sebastian.


Look at how chill he is

Sebastian, in turn, does not appear to wish to have an actual fight with him. So, to gather the information Ciel asked of him, he decides to resort to another method.

After the scene with William, we see Ciel dreaming about the past. He dreams about Madame Red, mostly.

if the king falls the game is over

a lot of the shots were similar to their manga counterparts, actually

Somewhere within the camp, Beast talks to Joker

let's stop

Joker doesn’t agree for reasons I also don’t know. It isn’t out of fear because their “father” has amputated feet and is completely dependent on others so they’re actually pretty much free to go whenever. But maybe, it’s because he feels like they still owe their “father” or maybe because they still need him somehow. In any case, Joker reminds Beast that they’ve decided on this path long ago.

Needless to say, Sebastian makes use of Beast’s frustration

yuuuup, it's exactly how it sounds

yuuuup, it’s exactly how it sounds


"It's a demon's whisper..."

“It’s a demon’s whisper…”

And he gets what he wants. He then recovers Ciel, as promised

looking for doll huhu

Ciel, looking for Doll

and they return to the manor aaaand we have my most favorite scene in all of the circus arc BECAUSE IT’S THE LAST BIT OF HAPPINESS WE’LL HAVE



Sebastian moves to “remove them from Ciel’s sight” as ordered, but then Agni starts spewing his own version of a butler’s aesthetics and, well

for some reason, Agni's words always seem to get through Seb

To be fair, Ciel did not expressly “order” Sebastian to do anything.

Sebastian agrees. Somehow, Agni’s words have a way of getting through to our cat-loving demon. In any case, Agni takes over, and Ciel is sent to bed. Ciel doesn’t really give much of a fight, other than screaming his protests, but maybe he’s just tired. But you know, if he really wanted to go out and do work, he could’ve ordered Sebastian seriously, and Sebastian would’ve had no choice but to obey. Probably. At this point, I’m not entirely sure how exactly the contract works tbh. Although, I guess, Sebastian is keeping Ciel safe, which would probably be on top of the priority list.

Anyway, at the end of Agni’s pampering we get another manga parallel

ciel looks shorter in the anime

Somehow, Ciel looks shorter in the anime. I think there’s something off about his arms? Or maybe it’s just the angle?

Ciel rests because there’s no way in hell he’ll win against 2 superhuman butlers and a clumsy, hard-headed prince.

We also see Doll get blamed for what was actually mostly Beast’s mistake. Beast doesn’t own up to it, but she seems to feel sufficiently guilty, but not really? At least, it looks like a part of her sees this as an end of sorts or maybe I’m just reading too much into it. She looks like she’s feeling guilty; let’s leave it at that.

Then spoilers on what tomorrow brings

One more dawn, one more day, one day more :P

One more dawn, one more day, one day more!

And there we have episode 6! I haven’t really checked how long this OVA is supposed to be, but 11-13 would probably be sufficient to include everything? There would be lots of flashbacks and feels so be prepared. There haven’t been any censors that weren’t also in the manga, hence they haven’t affected the storytelling much unlike another summer anime release I know ahemTokyoGhoulahem, so I expect they wouldn’t be censoring the gore to come. But still, all my sads.

Things to look forward to: Everything except…

Things not to look forward to: “Father’s” face.

Really. He’s creepy.

Also, the pain.


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