[Review] Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episodes 4 and 5



1. This article comes from the perspective of someone who has read the manga.

2. That being said, this is the only adaptation of Kuroshitsuji I watched aside from the first few episodes of season 1. I have no idea what the fuck happened in the latter part of that season, and the entirety of season 2.

3. A spoiler among non-spoiler shit is like this for a reason. If you don’t want to be spoiled, do not highlight that shit. And it’s readable even without the highlighting so don’t try too hard if you don’t want to be spoiled.


Spoiler warnings apply. Spoilers on the episodes themselves will not be formatted as noted above. What will be formatted as such would be comments and references to future plot events as it happened in the manga.


Before anything, I probably shouldn’t be bringing it up again, but Wordsworth’s voice *A* Takuma Terashima’s nailing the snakes’ voices hahaha! I’m really looking forward to how the other 6 snakes will sound like.


Anyway, going to the episode, Ciel and Sebastian are assigned to separate tents. Ciel is bunking with this guy



and Sebastian… well…

Ciel, you should take every opportunity too haha

Sorry, the manga version looks funnier to me hahahaha

Ciel, you should take every opportunity because Sebastian does like


In any case, Freckles takes care of Ciel because Ciel would die out there without someone to look after him


I mean bby, Freckles already dragged you through the crowd how the hell did you only get a single lump of bread??

Anyway, something that caught my eye in the episode was something that wasn’t included in the manga. The scene where Joker tells the first stringers (sans Snake) about their father needing more “candy.” IIRC, the manga doesn’t really show this brutal side of the first stringers until they actually encounter the father. But here we see this eerie hallucination of a kid they kidnap (my feels for the policeman okay ;A; )


I reaaaaaally love the BGM for the entire kidnapping scene okay I need the OST please

I mean, wow. It’s great because while the gore is subverted, is replaced with the creepy feeling of looking at something completely innocent while implying the (very) violent death of the police officer. The effect is, therefore, not diminished. I also feel that this scene is a great addition, especially because we see Doll’s (and also Beast’s) desire to stop, and Joker’s resolve and resignation to the task.

doll hesitates


I think Joker stabs him on the neck? I didn’t quite see…

Joker reminds her that she shouldn’t hesitate. Joker’s expression implies how he’s also disgusted at what they’re doing, but he’s completely resigned to it.

We also see

the very useless Ronald Knox who was only there to collect souls

the very useless Ronald Knox who was only there to collect souls then party afterward

Knox doesn’t like doing more than he’s required to do.


Random Aberline because I like him haha

In the manga (iirc), it’s shown that William merely stops Sebastian from investigating during the night. Sebastian did not try to leave because the first stringers were on the move. I like how they changed it up a bit because we see a bit more of Sebastian’s view on his relationship with Ciel.

if ciel had known he would've kicked your face

If Ciel had known he would’ve kicked your face

Two of the things I absolutely love about Kuroshitsuji are one, our protagonists characters, and two, their relationship. Ciel and Sebastian are not good beings. The very essence of their characters prevents them from being that. Sebastian is a demon, and Ciel is the queen’s guard dog who does whatever is necessary to fulfill her wishes. Their relationship is that of a master (or tamer, as it were) and a demon. Some might disagree, but for me Sebastian bears no attachments towards his master, and neither does Ciel towards his butler/whatever-he-is-needed-to-be. To Ciel, Sebastian is a very useful tool to achieve his goal. To Sebastian, Ciel is dinner/reward after a hard day’s work. He can act on his own, but like in this scene, he can choose not to so long as Ciel does not expressly command him. Case in point,


Sure, they have fun from time to time (like they did in episode 1) and Ciel trusts Sebastian to do as he’s told, but at the end of the day it’s all because of their contract. I love it because the author (Toboso Yana-sensei) does not stray from this characterization. Sebastian may show concern for Ciel and vice versa, which gives them a sense of humanity, and the audience a sense of comfort, but it all boils down to their individual agendas.

But Ciel is human. He isn’t completely detached to his surroundings, unlike Sebastian. And yet, he throws away his humanity when the time calls for it. Which is the reason for all my feels in this arc like don’t

feels are here


doll is just kind okay



to me ;A;


Anyway, going back…


Freckles/Doll sees Ciel’s burn mark (the origin of which, we’ll see soon enough) while trying to force him to take a bath with everyone. She immediately thinks of it as a secret Ciel doesn’t want to speak about, thus her remark about everyone having secrets of their own. She, of course, empathizes because she’s kind like that and she doesn’t even think twice about trusting Ciel. This is probably because she herself has done bad things, and still wishes to be accepted. So, probably in hopes of one day having a friend outside of the East End first stringers who knows about what she’s done and still accepts her, she forgives Ciel and accepts how he could still be good despite the bad things he’s done. Of course, that doesn’t happen.

In any case, Ciel is quite shaken by that and he has flashbacks


Sebastian reminds him of who he is and Ciel decides to quicken the pace of their mission.

On the fifth episode, Ciel is able to acquire information about the first stringers. He finds

family photo

Yup, that’s “father” right there. He looks kind and sane, right? Wrong


A signet ring, also found on the prostheses of the first stringers

mother goose

And, what’s this? A letter? And inside…



In any case, after getting found by Doll (and finding out that Freckles was actually Doll and that Freckles isn’t a man), Ciel tells Sebastian his findings and he gets an asthma attack.

Despite Doll keeping the secret, Snake tells Joker about Ciel sneaking around because he can talk to snakes and remember what Sebastian did to his snakes?


And so we have

actually here because I love this shot of Joker's eye

actually here just because I love this shot of Joker’s eye


The episode ends with Ciel ordering Sebastian to look for the owner of the signet, and Sebastian being intercepted by a William in pajamas.


All in all, the episodes still followed the events of the manga, only with additional scenes that add to the experience. I can’t emphasize how much I appreciate how they made use of the fact that this is a different medium of storytelling, and despite telling the same story as the manga, it still comes off as a fresh experience because of it. I am, of course, mostly referring to Snake 😛




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