[Review] Tokyo Ghoul Episode 6



1. This article comes from the perspective of someone who has read the manga.

2. I wouldn’t be critiquing the plot as much as I am going to comment on its progression.

3. Blue text usually indicates a topic change within a section.

4. Gray text, sometimes labeled as run-on note, are basically that–a no-punctuation ramble about whatever.

5. A spoiler among non-spoiler shit is like this for a reason.

6. If it wasn’t obvious from before, the manga scans I put up are butchered to fit what I’m trying to say. Everything is credited at the beginning though.


No major spoiler warnings this time because I already did the spoilers for this in previous reviews. At most, you’ll have to deal with note #5 for spoilers. For not-formatted spoilers, there’s the usual spoiler warning before the block of text for you to avoid.

Again, mentions and screencaps of gore and violence despite the stupid censorship, so stay safe.


Release Watched: DameDesuYo
Screencaps taken from: DameDesuYo Release
Manga Scans: Twisted Hel Scans


Episode 6 – 驟雨 (Cloudburst)

All the censorship—

censorship again

iirc, in the manga, Touka cuts off his arm or sthn

I’m not even complaining anymore. Hopefully, they’ll release uncensored copies in the future.

So anyway, after the conclusion of Touka and Tsukiyama’s fight (which was basically censorship that grew a scene), we get a back to normal sort of vibe for everyone

hello hide bby

Hide is essential to life

The change was in the form of


And I was completely prepared for Banjo to just slam the door open and jump start the Aogiri Arc, but then



I was so giddy I squealed and my mom looked at me funny BECAUSE IT’S THAT ENTIRE ARC I THOUGHT THEY LEFT OUT BUT IT TURNS OUT THEY DIDN’T. But seriously, I’m so happy they just changed the ordering of events. Speaking from the point of view of someone who’s read the manga, it was a bit distressing to think that they’d leave such an important part, especially since not only does it contain crucial character development for Kaneki and Amon, it also had it for Hinami. Without this arc, I don’t think anyone would’ve let Hinami go with them to the 11th Ward to rescue Kaneki. I’m not denying that I am biased for the development of Amon and Kaneki’s understanding here, but whatever my reasons for raging about it, here it is! And they got back on track when Dr. Fueguchi gets killed by Yamori (while Hinami and Ryoko make up after fighting about them being away from him)



wouldn't they know what doves are now though

Yamori throws Dr. Fueguchi out of the house, straight towards Amon and Mado’s feet

In the end, we get a fight between these two and Yamori, and for some reason, Yamori doesn’t slaughter them and just leaves. As some kind of plus, we see Mado and Amon’s relationship. Mado is Amon’s mentor. And Mado is patient about Amon’s failures, and Amon respects him completely despite his mad tendencies. They actually have a pretty good relationship, all things considered. Amon even cries for him.

After Yamori leaves, Mado makes use of Dr. Fueguchi’s kakuhou to make a new Quinque Weapon (presumably because Yamori broke his, but I think he would’ve made use of it anyway even Yamori didn’t). They investigate the house and (I think) they find pictures of Ryoko and Hinami because they begin inquiring about them in the streets

HIDE PLS again


Because they’re unfortunate like that, Ryoko and Hinami decide to go out that very day to buy books for Hinami to make up for their fight. Ryoko quickly retreats when she sees the doves, but Hinami smells her father and runs towards the scent. It leads both her and her mother straight to Mado.

For comparison, because Hinami and Ryoko thinks he’s still alive in the anime, I guess the creators wanted a sequence of events that would fit this change. Because Dr. Fueguchi is still alive when we meet Hinami and Ryoko, Hinami is still optimistic and innocent. She simply misses her father. And so what she smells is her father first and she runs towards ‘him.’ It doesn’t even occur to her that it might not be him. However, in the manga, Dr. Fueguchi is already dead by the hands of Mado. Consequently, I think Hinami grew more cautious after that which in turn enabled her to smell the CCG people pursuing them, and it isn’t ’til later that she realizes that she could also smell her dad on them.

we should run

The change makes sense, given the previous changes that caused it. Although, you know



I know she wants to see her father, but it’s just so frustrating. I mean, notice your mother’s distress, gdi I thought you already established that your mother also misses your father. Hinami in the manga is less this cliched characterization of kids because of an off-screen character development in the form of her father’s death. But, I guess seeing this innocent side to Hinami and seeing that off-screen character development play out could be  good, too.

Rant: Losing innocence and optimism is probably a running theme for this godforsaken story, but the development of the characters are just too good *A* Just thinking about how a character changed so much they practically did a 180 degree turn and still somehow retain their original character is just beautiful.

In any case, after being cornered by CCG, Ryoko takes out her Kagune to let Hinami escape


and as Amon takes out his Quinque Weapon to kill Ryoko, Hinami bumps into Kaneki and the episode ends.

I think it’s safe to say that the beginning of the next episode won’t be a happy one. It has also come to the point where I’m expecting to see an entirely black screen when Mado decapitates Ryoko. That or, god forbid, they cut the entire scene out and just show Kaneki and Hinami looking at the aftermath.


They also added other things that seemed to answer some of my previous complaints like ‘a lack of foundation for Touka and Kaneki’s relationship you say? Heeere you go’

because, you know, for once Touka isn't irrate at Kaneki or hurling abuse at him

because, you know, for once Touka isn’t irritated at Kaneki, or hurling abuse at him (I don’t ship them, btw)

Here, we see Touka appreciate Kaneki’s optimism for the first time and I think this is enough to give the anime-only people feels for ‘but what have they done to you?’

Kaneki admits to his former ignorance, which is probably what led Touka to listen seriously in the first place


and he talks about the relationship between ghouls and humans

'Nishio-senpai and Kimi-san's relationship could serve as a beacon to guide the way for how things between a human and ghoul could be...'

‘Nishio-senpai and Kimi-san’s relationship could serve as a beacon to guide the way for how things between a human and a ghoul could be…’

Of course, it wouldn’t be that simple, especially because of the need for human meat thing ghouls have going on. Feeding on a human would mean feeding on a loved one of someone else. Feeding on someone without anyone in their life would raise ethical concerns. Feeding on the dead would, again, raise further ethical concerns. However, the only way for coexistence to work would be to form a compromise. Otherwise, humans would only seek to eradicate their predators, and the ghouls might end up being driven to a corner and begin seeing humans as nothing more than food. Even without actively thinking about it, both of them probably knows this. But despite the naivety of Kaneki’s words, Touka, for once, does not berate him for it. Kaneki is hopeful. ‘Hopeful’ isn’t something Touka could afford to become. But this time, she acknowledges its importance, and appreciates how there’s still someone who could be that with the kind of life they’re living.

I still wish Kaneki would ask Touka to train him, though. Maybe on the next episode after Ryoko dies?


As happy as I am that they decided to include this, I do wonder why they decided to rearrange the sequence of events.

If they were trying to cut back on time, I think the original sequence of events in the manga would’ve saved more time since they wouldn’t have needed to show how Dr. Fueguchi died, or that Yamori vs Mado and Amon thing (which, aside from showing us what Mado and Amon’s Quinque Weapons looked like, was a bit pointless tbh). That being said, the additional scene wasn’t at all bad. I actually like how they keep showing Yamori every now and then.


I am still wondering why Ayato is in the OP and Yamori isn’t considering how Yamori has a bigger role

Another Ramble: I do wonder why he hasn’t gone to Anteiku after all this time, seeing that Anteiku sort of oversees the 20th Ward (where Rize is supposed to be). I’m a bit worried about Banjo’s introduction though, because if Yamori is still going after Rize, Banjo might not be tasked to look for her.

It just seems that instead of shortening things, they actually added to the length of it. Sure, I’m glad about the wonders it did with the pacing, but I’m also wondering if it was necessary to put especially since they’re short on time.

But I guess, in a way, the rearrangement of events helps ease the progression of the plot in a way that the feels gradually increases without stopping. The gourmet arc served as a part of the introduction for the ghouls of Anteiku (Touka, Nishio, Kaneki) and Tsukiyama, and now we’re moving to the (sort of) introduction of the other part of the story, which is the CCG (and, consequently, the humans). This would give way to more encounters with the CCG, and they can tackle more issues and move on to the third side of this whole ordeal (who I personally think are the ones they should be focusing their efforts on) which is the Aogiri Tree. Idk why I formatted that it’s not like I haven’t mentioned them before like I mention them every chance I have.


It is regrettable that some of the minor scenes that would’ve detailed some of the characters’ characterization further (by this, I am mostly referring to the loss that is Kaneki’s thought process) were still left out, but the anime still isn’t bad. I actually reaaaally want to commend the anime creators for a job well done so far. They rearranged the events and changed things up a bit, but everything is still well-paced (all things considered) without changing the essence of the events.

The problem is ANN says that it’ll have only 12 episodes. So, if they’re doing Amon vs Kaneki (they aren’t the main fight btw, it’s just my bias taking over), then that would probably mean that the Aogiri Arc will be cut short. I’m thinking that ‘rabbit’ will make an appearance on the next episode, and if they cut the scene where Touka and Kaneki go to CCG, they might be able to cram in the beginnings of that all-important fight. Still, that makes episode 7, maybe until 8. I just can’t see the Aogiri Arc fitting into just 5 episodes without being rushed. I sincerely hope they’re planning on a second season if they’re ending on 12. I won’t even mind if they end it on a cliffhanger. Just please do it right. So far, they were able to deliver a well-paced adaptation despite all the changes. I hope they continue doing so till the end.


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