[Review] Tokyo Ghoul Episode 3


1. This article comes from the perspective of someone who has read the manga.

2. I wouldn’t be critiquing the plot as much as I am going to comment on its progression.

3. Blue text usually indicates a topic change within a section. Also serves as a spoiler warning so if you have no idea what the blue text means, theeen spoilers are probably written below it until the next blue text.

4. Gray text, sometimes labeled as run-on note, are basically that–a no-punctuation ramble about whatever.

5. A spoiler among non-spoiler shit is like this for a reason.


Spoiler warnings apply because I’m going to talk about some deviations from the manga, and if the anime is planning on going for those events despite the changes, then spoilers. If not, then they’re nothing more than comparisons.

Aside from that, I don’t think there are any? Since most things that happen in this episode are introductory stuff.  I have things to say about that guy at the end though, but I put a warning beforehand so you can remain spoiler free if you’re not up for it.

Release Watched: DameDesuYo
Screencaps taken from: DameDesuYo Release
Manga Scans taken from: Twisted Hel Scans

Episode 3 –  白鳩 (Doves)

Just to get it out of the way, this episode has a few censors for us. By this point, I’m not even going to complain about them being there, but I wish they’d make up their mind whether they’re going to blur it

Really? Is the meat on there a recognizable severed foot or something?

Really? Is the meat on there a recognizable severed foot or something?

or to black it out

What is on that fork? An eyeball like the one Uta was offering Kaneki?

I just… guys, we watched Shingeki no Kyojin. We can handle this.

Or maybe it isn’t even what it looks like; just the idea  that it’s human flesh?

In any case, I hope they won’t hold out on us just because of the gore. I mean, what’s the point in making an anime of Tokyo Ghoul if you’re going to worry about blood and gore? There’s too much of that in this story that if you try and censor it all, you might end up blacking out an entire arc! PLEASE DON’T ACTUALLY DO THAT I WAS JOKING


Introductory Stuff

The first one we hear is about the Quinque Weapons.

He's talking about yamori's pliers

He’s talking about Yamori’s pliers

Now, we saw how objects that normally harm human beings aren’t very effective against ghouls.

It bounces off and is torn of its hilt in the anime, I know.

It bounces off and is torn of its hilt in the anime, I know.

Quinque Weapons are made from a ghoul’s kakuhou. A kakuhou is a sack-like organ present in ghouls. It’s where the the Rc Cells (the cells that make up the kagune, if I understood the explanation correctly) is stored. Hopefully, the anime will explain that in the near future so I won’t have to explain it in further detail. The point is, Quinque Weapons are weapons that have the capability of injuring and killing ghouls. You can only guess why Yamori has one even though he’s a ghoul himself. Hint: he’s a sadistic bastard. Both Amon and Mado have Quinque Weapons, but we have yet to actually see them out of their suitcases. We’ll see them soon enough, though. Maybe, after Kaneki gets his mask?

Now, having mentioned that, ghouls need masks in order to keep their “normal lives” safe in case they’re spotted by Doves or by other people while feeding or doing other ghoul-things.

Thankfully, the masks aren't traced back to this shop for some reason.

Thankfully, the masks aren’t traced back to this shop for some reason.

Kaneki and Touka visit Uta’s shop to get Kaneki one because two Doves (Amon and Mado) were assigned to their Ward.

I love Uta okay. Aside from his character design being beautiful, his character is just adorbs. Just wait ’til he gets in the same room as Yomo.

This scene should be proof enough.

This scene should be proof enough.

Uta provides masks for the ghouls of the 20th Ward. He is also a capable fighter, which we should see soon enough in the Aogiri Arc. He takes note of Kaneki’s scent, saying it’s different. He also mentions how the 20th Ward is peaceful relative to other areas, and talks about how Touka’s a hard worker. Ghouls can choose not to involve themselves with humans, but Touka chooses to maintain a human facade–going to school, and working at Anteiku.

The way Uta said it in the manga is beautiful so here it is.

Idk, read the manga for the beautiful metaphors and literary references and just read the manga okay

Idk, read the manga for the beautiful metaphors and literary references and just read the manga okay

Anyway, Uta doesn’t finish the design for Kaneki’s mask here, but we actually see it in the OP song.

It's mirrored from normal Kaneki so the ghoul-eye is on the 'wrong' side

It’s mirrored okay.  The ghoul eye is on the correct side.

But idk, the one in the manga looks more badass 😛

whited the dialogue because... not really spoilers but just in case.

whited the dialogue because… not really spoilers but just in case.

Aside from Uta, we see other new faces as well.

First is this fugly guy.

This guy's name is Marude. But I don't think they mentioned it here.

This guy’s name is Marude. But I don’t think they mentioned it here.

He looks like someone who would be irritated by Mado’s attitude, but he takes it in stride and is actually quite good-natured about it. Although, that could be because he’s used to Mado’s attitude and Mado is efficient despite looking like actually being a crazy fucker. He should make more appearances, especially since he is supposedly assigned to the 11th Ward… 😀 Anyway, he’s not as hateful as he seems. And he loves his motorcycle.

Other than him, there’re these two nice-looking ghouls.

Hinami and Ryoko

Hinami (the kid) and Ryoko (her mother)

Hinami is a ghoul kid who appears to be distraught the first time we see her here. Touka said that it’s because it’s the first time she’s been away from her father but in the manga, it’s because her father was killed, iirc. She also notices Kaneki’s scent, saying

Yep, this comes in handy.

It’s an ability she has. Yep, this comes in handy.

Kaneki comes in at a wrong time and he catches her eating, which makes Kaneki fall over in panic

Kaneki pls

Kaneki pls

They introduce another character as Kaneki mopes about how he walked in on Hinami.

This is Koma.

This is Koma. He apparently was called “Devil Ape” or sthn in the past. He ends up taking care of the shop during go-time though.

Koma tells Kaneki to apologize to Hinami, which Kaneki does because he’s Kaneki. While he’s at it, the above conversation about Kaneki’s scent happens, and Kaneki also notices the book she’s reading. And, again, because he is Kaneki, he goes to total fanboy mode.

I can practically see non-existent sparkles in his eye

Kaneki thinks there should be an exclamation point after that question mark

He bombards Hinami with questions, and eventually he ends up teaching Hinami about words the kid couldn’t read.

If you click on the image and do not want to be spoiled, do not read the URL

If you click on the image and do not want to be spoiled, do not read the URL. It says I miss this Kaneki

And, of course, the guy our previous-anime-watching-experience tells us is an important character if only


for how






it took them




show his face

Look at all that gay he's beautiful

Look at all that gay he’s beautiful

I believe I mentioned him before? This is Tsukiyama. Touka mentions him somewhere in the episode before he actually appears. As you can probably deduce, no one likes him. I’ll talk about him in the next section, but that would contain spoilers so be warned.

Aside from everyone, we hear a new name.


The Gourmet. Well, I’m sure we’ll hear more of him. Plus points to who can guess who s/he is. It’s not that hard to guess.


Deviations from the manga
spoiler warnings apply and won’t be hidden by a difficult-to-read font color
-also contains parts of manga scans for chapters waaaay ahead of the anime, so if you don’t wanna be spoiled, you better stop scrolling and get the hell out of here.

Everyone good? Okay.

There’s a reason I didn’t name Hinami’s father as a character introduced, and that’s because this

Yep, it's Yamori. Again.

Yep, it’s Yamori. Again.

doesn’t happen in the manga. As I mentioned in the spoiler text, Dr. Fueguchi (Hinami’s father) is dead by the time we see Hinami and Ryoko in the manga. Now, his death is an important part of how the next events will occur. I’m slightly worried how they’re going to go about this because his death is supposed to lead to Ryoko burying his mask in his grave. Doves see Ryoko doing the deed, and when Amon digs up the mask and finds out it’s from a ghoul Mado previously killed (Dr. Fueguchi), they tag her and her daughter as ghouls. Eventually, Mado and Amon catches Ryoko and Hinami. Ryoko then draws out her kagune even though she has no fighting experience just to give Hinami the chance to escape. Hinami runs into Kaneki, and as they hide, Ryoko is killed in front of them. Ryoko’s death and Hinami’s grief would lead to Touka seeking revenge, despite Yoshimura’s advice against the idea, on a random officer who had nothing to do with Ryoko’s death. The officer turns out to be an acquaintance of Amon, and Amon’s anger towards ghouls reach an all-time high. Meanwhile, Touka’s identity as the “Rabbit” is then deemed dangerous, leading the 20th Ward to becoming a more dangerous place in the eyes of the CCG.

I think this sequence of events is important because it leads to unnecessary losses on both sides by the hands of the other—something only Kaneki is able to recognize. Ryoko was innocent and was killed simply because she was a ghoul. In much the same way, the officer is killed simply because he works for the CCG. Both Touka and Mado were in the wrong, but only Kaneki is able to accept this (even though Touka understands that it is). This solidifies the idea that “both sides need to learn more about the other” he has going on (which he actually says to Amon), and how he, as someone who is both, can see things from both perspectives. When Amon fights Kaneki, Kaneki accepts how he has to fight to show him how he is wrong. As Kaneki destroys Amon’s Quinque Weapon and Amon accepts defeat, he urges Amon to leave, saying

dont make me kill

This leads to Amon questioning his “black or white” view on humans and ghouls.  This is an important development, because we now have a human, aside from probably Hide and later on Kimi, who can see ghouls as more than just monsters who prey on humans. Plus, he’s in a position (a top officer of the CCG) where he can make a difference. This adds feels to when Kaneki loses his naivety and he ponders on Amon’s words just as Amon did his.

"...I think if the world is wrong, then the warped things must be everything that exists in this world."

“…I think if the world is wrong, then the warped things must be everything that exists in this world.”

My feels for this part, srsly.

Hopefully, they don’t change things too much that they’re rendered unable to make the important things happen. I’m all for changing things to fit a different medium and a different cause for storytelling, but to change it so much that the story is completely different, yeah. No. I hope they go for what I have in mind, which is that they would show Mado killing Dr. Fueguchi, then they’ll get back on track. If they don’t, they better not skip the battle I narrated above. Amon’s development is very important to me okay. It’s why I love his character.

Aside from this, there’s the premature appearance of Tsukiyama.

The thing is, I was excited for his appearance for the entire episode… until he actually showed up. It’s just… they dropped hints of him everywhere—Touka mentioning his name, Mado and the two unnamed ghouls talking about the Gourmet… it gets someone who knows excited. But I think the full impact of the hints would’ve been achieved if they chose to introduce him later on. Hints are supposed subtly tell the audience of an existence of a future plot point before the actual plot point—and it makes the storytelling exciting when the audience notice like “Oh shit, they mentioned this like ten episodes ago!” I was excited because we’re in a different arc from Tsukiyama’s, and yet, unlike the manga, we’re receiving hints of his arc right now! It’s something the manga didn’t do, and it was supposed to be great…! But it seems like they rushed it and there he is on the last scene of the episode. I’m not saying it’s terrible. But right now, I’m more worried that they’re going to skip arcs and go straight for the Gourmet Arc. It’s not a secret that Tsukiyama’s the Gourmet, after all. At least, the way they revealed it in the manga didn’t indicate that it was meant to be that anyway.

To end, I hope they don’t skip arcs. I hope they don’t rush things. I hope they do things properly. AND I HOPE THEY MAKE IT TO THE AOGIRI ARC WITHOUT DIVING INTO IT LIKE A TRAIN GOING OFF THE RAILS.

And I also hope they cut back on the censorship. Like. Seriously. Put warnings like I do. Don’t ruin things for the people who can handle it.


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